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Solutions offered by us:

MasterBrain expertises in the field of Silicon-controlled Rectifier (SCR) Thyristors mainly used in devices where the control of high power with high voltage, is required. Since the development of SCR power controllers in the late 1950's, the power handling capabilities of SCR's have advanced from a few hundred watts to many megawatts. So, too, the use of SCR power controllers in industrial applications has increased dramatically and they are now used in almost every major industry. SCR power controller are solid-state devices and hence no inherent wear-out leads to virtually limitless and trouble free operation with extremely accurate, step less control of the process.

MasterBrain offers ready to use and Customizable Solutions in following fields:

  • Power Regulators
  • DC Drive
  • Power Supply
  • Control Panels
  • Battery Chargers
  • Convertors

We offer specialised services in following segments:

  • Retrofitting Existing Process Equipment with Advance Automation Systems
  • PC Based process & Machine Visualization systems
  • Industrial Networking & Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Undertake Power control Study & Provide Solution, Suggest APFC Panels and manufacture & Install the same
  • Custom Build Control Panels Instrumentation Panels, PLC & Drive Panels
  • Process Industry Automation
  • Furnace Automation

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