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The Company - About Us:

Our Mission:To Provide World Class Products, Services and Solutions to strive for the best customer satisfaction
Our Vision: To assist Humanity in achieveing lifestyle par International excellence through innovative life-easing solutions and best automation

MasterBrain Technologies is an electronics and technology passionate and experienced young team of profound learners established in year 2014 with head office at Pune in Maharashtra State of India. We at MasterBrain strive for Customer Satisfaction through dedicated focus on Product Quality, honesty in execution and timely services. A Happy Customer is our lifetime Asset in Business Development and profound foundation for growth and prosperity.

We believe that technology can help Industries in lowering their production costs and getting cost-effective returns for profitability and sustainable venturing. We serve in the field of Power Controls, Power Conversion, Embedded Systems, Control Systems and Industrial automation and have broad range of satisfied clientele within India.

Our Management team has versatile experience in the field of Power Electronics and we closely work with our Associate Industry Partners and Client Industries with Research focussed approach. We believe in easing Human Life through Technology as prime means of innovation and have dedicated ourselves in serving to nation through innovation approach.

Working at MasterBrain thrills life everyday with innovation as excitement factor and client satisfaction as milestone to achieve and technology as key tool for success. Team MasterBrain is growing and we are embarking our presence across India and globally with Partners and Associates to serve our Clients and Corporates for Consultation and innovative product range.

MasterBrain team closely interact with Educational Institutions offering technical education in Core Electronics and Technology to profound our participation in the field and usher new dawn of prosperity to every client that attaches to us. We believe that Innovation is key to success in Industry and rapid industrialisation and lower Human resource availability has led to critically cared need of automation solutions.

MasterBrain team is passionate to excel in Embedded system products and solutions and has been striving to come up with unique embedded products that helps humanity ease its life and enhance living standards. Our innovation areas in Embedded systems include running displays for advertising, automated door lock system using password, Parking management system, Home automation and Security system, Home appliances controlling, Industrial protocol convertors, Object counters, Digital Clock, Data acquisition system, Temperature controllers and Home Protectors.